Our Services.

Laboratory Network Management

MedStar Consultants provide a low cost management process to hospital laboratories that wish to leverage their outreach services through the formation of laboratory networks. We help members to secure ancillary contracts that hospital labs were excluded from in the past due to geographically limited coverage areas and the development of national reference laboratories. MedStar Consultants are able to bring hospitals together to offer single-source contracting, billing, quality and utilization data, and to provide a viable alternative to the national testing laboratories for insurance companies. Access to these contracts benefits local hospitals and communities by helping them strengthen outreach programs and increase test volumes. This helps utilize excess capacity, which, in turn, decreases total cost of inpatient testing and increases revenue, allowing them to reinvest in local healthcare.

Clinical Laboratory Sales Training
MedStar Consultants provide a sales training course designed specifically for client service representatives working in the clinical laboratory and tailored towards the sales skills needed to be successful in the Laboratory Outreach Market. This specific training allows client service reps to compete with the national and regional laboratory sales forces.

MedStar Consultants also provides web based training programs that allow client service reps to refresh the skills learned during the on-site training.

See our “Resources Page” for more information on our Sales Training Programs.

Clinical Laboratory Sales Coaching

In addition to Onsite and Online Sales Training, Medstar Consultants provides in-the-field Sales Coaching. When combined with effective management and ongoing training, sales coaching is highly effective in increasing sales and building a customer base. It also provides measurable, positive changes in any organization.​ Based on Miller Heiman Group data, 88% of world-class organizations devote adequate time to coach every individual on the sales team, while only 32% of all organizations do. Companies who use 1-on-1 Coaching experience an average 600% return on investment (ROI), according to a recent study of Fortune 1000 executives.

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Customer Service Training
Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee – from the CEO to the most recently hired. Healthcare is no different, especially in the area of Laboratory Outreach were patients are increasingly becoming consumers of healthcare services, not just lemmings who go to whichever laboratory draw site their doctor directs them to.

MedStar Consultants provide a comprehensive Customer Service Training program designed to enhance your team’s skills to provide       “5-Star Customer Service” to patients.

See our “Resources Page” for more information on our Customer Service Training Programs.